Let's be real!


I feel like I'll always be an obscure artist. I want people to hear my stuff but I'm not built in a way where I value social media at all. I'm not a person that wants to display there life at every moment when I'm grinding my ass off to provide for my family. Maybe I'm getting to old.

Idk, but I what I do know is that I can't stop creating music. And I must get these thoughts out. Whether people hear it or not, I feel a deep sense of determination to not give up...I guess I watch to much anime.

It was once told to me that if u don't fulfill your dreams in this life or don't pursue them, then u are doing a disservice to the people on this planet and are acting selfish because you don't know WHO needed to hear it! And that's y I have so much drive even though my circumstances aren't ideal in pursuing a music career. I HAVE A STORY THAT MANY PERSONS CAN RELATE TO...and I must fulfill my duty to them. 

Also, I want my daughter to grow up in a world where her daddy doesn't quit because things look hopeless. I am the example in her life to never give up.