Born and raised in PG County, Maryland, as a young kid he always knew he wanted a creative future, but the world around him did not always allow this. Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, he was separated from society, and lost his right to choose his own path in life. But by the grace of god, was able to escape, but not without a few complications. In addition to being cut off from family and friends, his time there left him positively negative at times, cold hearted, distant and a bit anti social. Basically an uncultured hot mess. But now he's out on a journey to make up for lost time and fulfill his dreams to the fullest extent through his music. As a rebel with a cause, he advocates always thinking for one self, to be a leader at all times and to always challenge authority. Through catchy melodies, hard drums, and honest dialogue, he pours his heart and soul into each track he creates to relate to the average person who may feels lost in life. He works to create a "No Cult Nation".