If I Touch It, I Take Care of It” - Michael Emery

Merch!! 😆😆

Coming Soon!!

Working on the first batch of merch for the hardcores! Have plenty of swag comin your way!!

Lost Demos

Found this joint on another hard drive and said "dam it ain't fully complete for a release but it still sound good...oh well y not drop it on my site!! So I hope yall enjoy this gem...only available on here and SoundCloud. For the hard-cores. ✊🏿

My Little Girl!!

Nor Nor

So happy to welcome a new addition to the family with Nora White!! Been anticipating this time since I found out I was having you my little butterfly and now you here I can't stop smiling. I love you Nora and I do it for you mama!! You'll be in the studio soon! 

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